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John Reeves finished an old colonial side board for me last year. The piece was in serious disrepair. The problems included missing legs, centrally, which over time, had caused the piece to warp, a door that wouldn't stay shut, missing decorative fronts, and some nicks and dings.
Today, that antique piece couldn't look any better. I am very satisfied with the quality of his work. I wholeheartedly recommended John Reeves for any type of furniture repair or refinishing.
          - Linda Protsman, Cape Plantation, Port St. Joe, Florida

This note is an appreciation of the professionalism and beautiful refinishing work accomplished by John and his crew of the Reeves Furniture and Refinishing Company.
John completely refinished an entertainment center, a china cabinet, a buffet, a portable bar, a dining table with a 8 chairs, a sofa table, a coffee table, two end tables, and a chest of drawers. The furniture was purchased in 1979. It is Drexel Alconade II, made of fruitwood and was very good stuff. It was farmed out among our five daughters and grandbabies for some eight years -- obviously the furniture was well used. My wife and I went full-time in a fifth wheel.
Now that our age and health has deteriorated and we have decided to relocate into a permanent home -- we needed some furniture. Have you priced new good furniture lately? My goodness!!! Today I have all the furniture listed above perfectly refinished and as good as new for about 1/5th. the price of new.
Susan and I think John and his fair professionalism is truly a blessing.
          - Ross R. Terry, Capt. USN (Ret)

Dear John:
     This time last year Maria and I were beginning to discuss the possibility of a surgical procedure to be performed on my neck. I would wake up in the mornings with pain, stiffness and numbness in my neck and radiating down my shoulders and arms to my hands. Maria's opinion was a matter of grave concern for me because she is not only my wife but also a Harvard trained physician.
     I purchased the Tempurpedic bed from you merely in an effort to find a comfortable accommodation for my pain and numbness. You can imagine my great surprise and joy when ALL of these problems disappeared. Just simply gone.
     It took me two to three weeks to get used to the different feel of the bed, but now, I've become quite a lazy fellow. I don't want to get out of this bed in the mornings.
     I thought you might want to know my reaction to your product. I appreciate all your help. I look forward to seeing you when we get back to our Florida "hometown".
          - Chief Judge A.L. Thompson
            State Court of Fulton County, Atlanta Georgia

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